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Matt’s More Smilies Plugin!

Man I didn’t know about this plugin until now! Matt created his More Smilies plugin and posted it 10 days before I made my first post for my WP Smileys => LMB^Box Smileys plugin. I really like the Smileys that he has and I’m going to be adding them to my plugin’s archive as Smileys [...]

WP Smileys 2.0!

I have just about finished adding the new features that Aidan had given the ideas for as listed here. This is a MAJOR release of WP Smileys Plugin for WordPress. This release adds many new features and security to the orginal plugin. In this release, the most notiable change is the new options page. Here [...]

WP Smileys Update 1.7 *New Features*

Everyone thank Aidan who made a comment here with some great ideas. Well here they are Aidan, ruffly … An additional note, starting in version 1.7 of WP Smileys there will be a new feature to configure. It has to do with the display of the Smileys page. Like the directions say above, at the [...]

WP Smileys Update 1.6

I updated my WP Smileys plugin to 1.6 now. I changed the styles in my WP Comment Quicktags Plus plugin and so needed to correct the styles in WP Smileys. I also just realized that I had the styles just going into the style.css file in your theme directory, but if you want to style [...]

WP Smileys Update

I just posted an update for the WP Smileys Plugin at http://weblogtoolscollection.com/pluginblog/2005/04/29/wp-smileys-update/ Below is the content of the post: I updated my WP Smileys plugin to 1.5. I’ve add a readme.txt file to the zip file and updated the documentation in the plugin files as well. Also, I changed some of the css style classes [...]

Well Lets Show All Shall We!

Here they are, the first offical plugins that I have created / mod’d together. First there is a simple addon plugin to the WordPress 1.5 File Manager Plugin, the WordPress File Manager Plugin. Here is some info: /* Plugin Name: WordPress File Manager Plugin Plugin URI: http://aboutme.lmbbox.com/ Description: Automatically create menu for WordPress-File-Manager-15 plugin. Version: [...]