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WP Comment Quicktags Plus Update 1.3

Well there was a problem that I found as I looked at the styles that needed to be set. Now there is a 1.3 version of WP Comment Quicktags Plus Plugin. I changed the main div’s styling from a class=”comment_quicktags” to an id=”comment_quicktags”. Then I changed the styles to ids (#) instead of classes (.). [...]

WP Comment Quicktags Plus Update

I just posted an update for the WP Comment Quicktags Plus at http://weblogtoolscollection.com/pluginblog/2005/04/29/wp-smileys-update/ Below is the content of the post: I now have the final version, that is unless there is any other problems that come up. I’ve add a readme.txt file to the zip file and updated the documentation in the plugin file as [...]

Well Lets Show All Shall We!

Here they are, the first offical plugins that I have created / mod’d together. First there is a simple addon plugin to the WordPress 1.5 File Manager Plugin, the WordPress File Manager Plugin. Here is some info: /* Plugin Name: WordPress File Manager Plugin Plugin URI: http://aboutme.lmbbox.com/ Description: Automatically create menu for WordPress-File-Manager-15 plugin. Version: [...]