I offer a few professional services. If you are interested, please use the Contact page to send in a request. Below is more information about the different services I provide.

  • ON-SITE SERVICE – I will perform any necessary task such as software installation, software service, memory installation, sound/video card installation, network card installation, modem installation, CD/DVD-RW installation, CD/DVD-ROM installation, motherboard installation, hard drive installation, system build service, peripheral installation/setup, or system troubleshooting.
  • PHONE SUPPORT – I will attempt to diagnose and solve problems over the telephone for an applicable fee. In certain cases, however, this may not be possible because of problems with your computer or its configuration that are beyond my control.
  • WEB DESIGN – I will design new website style and structure based on what is requested.
  • WEBSITE SETUP – I will setup new websites for various tasks. This includes customs sites not based off any back end systems or sites based off of back end systems (WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, etc.). I can also setup integration with other DB systems with the new site as well.
  • WORDPRESS SETUP – I will setup new WordPress installs or help configure / fix previous installs.
  • CUSTOM WORDPRESS PLUGINS – I will create WordPress plugins based off what is requested.

Special requests are welcome as this list isn’t complete and can change as needed.