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:question_ee: About This Page: :clap_tb:
First things first, what is this page about? This is the main page for all of my plugins for the blogging system WordPress. Just below the main navbar of this page is a sub-menu for all of my plugins’ pages, use this to find more info about a certain plugin. Also there is always the “Page” section in the sidebar that lists all of the pages and sub-pages. Now below I will list and give a brief summary about my plugins that I have created and that I’m working on. On each plugin’s page, you will info more detailed info about the plugin, how this plugin works, what it does, how to install it, and where to download it. All of this pages for my plugins including this one allows comments to be made. Please only make comments in the apporiate place based on the page’s content. You can post comments on this page for general discussion, interests, ideas for new plugins, and thanks. All of the plugins’ pages you can post ideas for new features, any problems/errors, and thanks also. :blush_tb:

My Current Plugins :exclaim_ee:

  • LMB^Box Comments Quicktags – First up is my Comments Quicktags plugin. It was orginally named WP Comments Quicktags Plus, but I have decided name my plugins after my site LMB^BoxLMB^Box: Blog. What this plugin does is to add a quicktags toolbar just like that of the Admin Write Pages. You will have to add a call to the lmbbox_comment_quicktags function in your comments.php theme file in order to use this plugin. More info about this plugin on it’s plugin page …
  • LMB^Box Smileys – Now my LMB^Box Smileys plugin. It too was orginally named something else, WP Smileys, and I decided to change the name after my site LMB^BoxLMB^Box: Blog. With this plugin, you can add more advanced smiley features and control to WordPress than what is built in by default. You can have the plugin add a button to the comment quicktags toolbar added by my LMB^Box Comments Quicktags plugin or you can manually add a link to the Smileys Popup Page in your comments.php theme file. You can add, edit, manage, and remove Smileys Lists; Choose what is displayed on the Smileys Popup Page, and enable/disable smileys in your comments. More info on this plugin in it’s plugin page …
  • LMB^Box File Press – For my last plugin at this time, my LMB^Box File Press plugin is still a work-in-progress. It will add the ability to upload, browse, and add files to your blog and posts. Adds better support for images being added and other file types too. It has the ability to create thumbnails for images using either PHP’s GD support or ImageMagic if you are running on a Unix WebServer. Also has default file type thumbnails for any image or file that it can’t make a thumbnail for. All of the settings are set in the LMB^Box File Press option page and the default Miscellaneous option page in the Upload section. More info on this plugin in it’s plugin page …

Donations :money_mouth_tb:
Feel free to donate a little if you wish to and if you like what I’ve created. All donations would be wonderful and would help to keep all my plugins open source/free! To donate, click on the button below to use paypal. If you wish to donate via another form, please contact me. You may always just simply click on some of my sponsors’ ads on the left side of the page! Thanks!
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    I really likes your plugins so much, keep the hard work.

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