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Exchange 2003 ICS v1.0

Check it out, finally a new post! Well, I decided to release this little script that takes an Exchange 2003 Calendar and converts it to an ICS file that is widely supported by Calendar Applications. This script is based off Peter Krantz‘s rexport.rb script which uses RExchange library and an additional modification that Jason ‘vanRijn’ [...]

WordPress Plugin API

I’ve completed the initial version of my WordPress Plugin API class. Check it out here.

LMB^Box Smileys Config Creator

Come and get it! Thanks to Coax I have whipped together a script that will create a Smileys List config file automatically from a SQL DB Backup of your options table (or whole WP DB). Enjoy! Get it here … You will need to upload this to your site or if you have PHP [...]

Some Plugin / Code News

So I’ve been working on updating my plugins to use the WordPress 2.0 features and be compatible too. I’m Currently working on my LMB^Box Comment Quicktags plugin which adds a Quicktags Toolbar to your Comment Area. As I was working on fixing and adding code, it hit me … why not create a plugin that [...]

Well Lets Show All Shall We!

Here they are, the first offical plugins that I have created / mod’d together. First there is a simple addon plugin to the WordPress 1.5 File Manager Plugin, the WordPress File Manager Plugin. Here is some info: /* Plugin Name: WordPress File Manager Plugin Plugin URI: Description: Automatically create menu for WordPress-File-Manager-15 plugin. Version: [...]