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Going To Be Busy For Awhile …

As my last post lets in, I’m working for Pomeroy IT Solutions and starting on the 19th of Dec lasting about 2-3 weeks I’ll be extremely busy and out of touch. So to prepare for this up coming event, I’m trying to deliver a very pleasent x-mas present. As you probably know, I’ve been working [...]

What’s Been Going On …

For that last few weeks, I’ve been working on my plugin LMB^Box FilePress but more on that later. More recently I’ve started working some part-time contract jobs for Pomeroy IT Solutions. I’ve done two jobs for them, one on Wed. Nov. 30th and Thur. Dec. 1st of this past week. It’s a pretty good deal [...]

Can’t Wait!

YAY, Another Plugin Competition! Weblog Tools Collection will be having another Plugin Competition … new name -> WordPress Programming Competition. Looks like it will start sometime in December and will end in May 2006 … a good 6 months. I can’t wait! I just hope I can come up with some new ideas and get [...]

What The F**K Is Going On …

It has been over a month since I posted anything at all and I’m sorry about this. I have been working long and hard on the next release of my plugin LMB^Box FilePress. On top of this, I have been busy with other situations that were surrounding me … so here’s the update: First of [...]

Where did he go?

I know I havn’t been posting and updating as much as I wish and I’m sorry … … I’ve been very busy with alot of other things going on. I thought that I would have the next release of my LMB^Box FilePress done a week ago, but with everything else going on I havn’t had [...]

Site Update …

I’m updating my WordPress install to 1.5.2, so for the next 10-20 mins my site may be down or just funky. I will update when I’m done. [EDIT] Well that’s it! I have just updated to WordPress version 1.5.2 and everything is good. There should be no problems with my site from now on.

Poll: WYSIWYG vs Plain Text Box?

Ok, this is a poll to see what’s in your WordPress Admin Panel! I want to know if you use the standard Plain Text Box with Quicktags to write posts and pages or do you use a WYSIWYG editor plugin/hack Which do you prefer … which is easier for you … any comment you have [...]

Site Update …

I will be updating my main site LMB^Box – for the next day or so. I’ll update this post as to when the site is up and running again! If you try to go to, you will be redirected here for the time being until the site is backup. I’ll keep you posted [...]

YAY for Gmail!

I finially decided to create my PERSONAL Gmail account! I already had my business one but decided to invite myself and create a personal one to use instead of “tmontague AT lmbbox DOT com”. This way incase if anything should happen to my server or domain, etc. my email will still work! Gmail has SOOO [...]

Recent and Upcoming News

A couple of things that I wanted to post updates about … Yesturday, I finially installed the BOTD plugin that Andy Skeldon had created for the WordPress Plugin Competition and won (in the top 3). So now you will be able to see my site and posts on “Blogs Of The Day” that is if [...]