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Upgrated Site … New Theme … Lots Of Problems!

Well I’ve just finished working on the upgrades for this blog. I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.3 and a new theme called Water. This all was done by a freak chance that I saw the Water theme and I just couldn’t resist wanting to upgrade my blog. Hopefully this will get me started on some long [...]

Finally Upgraded

I have finally taken the leap into the unknown … not really. I have been messing around with WordPress 2.0.x for a little bit now and I just thought that I should finally upgrade to the latest and greatest out there. Now having done this, I have no reason to put off any longer updating [...]

Site Moved

I just got done moving servers. My previous hosting fell through and I had to find quickly new hosting and restore my site. I was just able to complete the restore of the database for this blog, so now everything should be back and working just like before! Sorry about the downtime …

Site Changes …

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve changed my blog’s address! I’ve moved from to I think that it looks better … I’m going to be working on updating my WP install to the latest version and my theme & plugins to work! That’s good news to who ever has been waiting for me [...]

No More Google Ads!

If you haven’t already noticed the Google Ads that were to the left have now been replaced with the “No More Google Ads!” image! Last night I received an email from Google telling me that my account has been disabled because of invalid clicks on my site. Here is the email’s body: Hello Thomas Montague, [...]

Comments Closed Unless You Login!

Because I’m getting tried of going through 100+ SPAM comments in my comment moderation, I have closed comments to everyone unless you are logged in. So if you really would like to post a comment, please go ahead and register an account so that you can comment. I’m sorry about this, but until I upgrade [...]

This Is F**K’n Ridiculous!

Ok let’s start back a few days ago … I went to check my emails … sweet lard 77 comments, all but two SPAM! DAHMNIT , why do you think I have Comment Moderation turned on you dumb asses! Now again just a few minutes ago … 82 comments , this time ALL SPAM! Go [...]

Gmail Give-A-Way!

I just finished looking at my gmail accounts and I noticed that I have tons of invites, 300 in fact! So as a nice gift to who ever wants one, I will be giving away Gmail account invites to anyone who wants one. I know Gmail is open to the U.S. to sign up for [...]

Busy Little Worm!

It’s definetely been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been extremely busy the last few weeks with my new consulting tech position. After this week though, I should have some more extra time on my hands to take care of a few things that are in desperate need! LMB^Box Comment Quicktags and LMB^Box [...]

Just Call Me |_0ro|/\/\0n+!3 …

After using “Montie” as a quick-fix tag to call myself after creating this blog, I’m now ready to use a tag that is more like ME! YAY ! After some thought and help from my fiancee, we ended up with LordMontie … since we sometimes refer to our else as Lord and Lady Montague (To-Be [...]