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Updated Theme And Layout

Today I’ve been working on fixing a few things that were funky with this new theme. For some reason the theme didn’t have comments enabled for Pages, so I’ve taken care of that. Also the comments section has been modifed from the theme’s original. Basicly I’ve moved all the Trackbacks / Pingbacks to below the [...]

Upgrated Site … New Theme … Lots Of Problems!

Well I’ve just finished working on the upgrades for this blog. I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.3 and a new theme called Water. This all was done by a freak chance that I saw the Water theme and I just couldn’t resist wanting to upgrade my blog. Hopefully this will get me started on some long [...]

Finally Upgraded

I have finally taken the leap into the unknown … not really. I have been messing around with WordPress 2.0.x for a little bit now and I just thought that I should finally upgrade to the latest and greatest out there. Now having done this, I have no reason to put off any longer updating [...]

Site Moved

I just got done moving servers. My previous hosting fell through and I had to find quickly new hosting and restore my site. I was just able to complete the restore of the database for this blog, so now everything should be back and working just like before! Sorry about the downtime …

Site Changes …

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve changed my blog’s address! I’ve moved from to I think that it looks better … I’m going to be working on updating my WP install to the latest version and my theme & plugins to work! That’s good news to who ever has been waiting for me [...]

No More Google Ads!

If you haven’t already noticed the Google Ads that were to the left have now been replaced with the “No More Google Ads!” image! Last night I received an email from Google telling me that my account has been disabled because of invalid clicks on my site. Here is the email’s body: Hello Thomas Montague, [...]

Comments Closed Unless You Login!

Because I’m getting tried of going through 100+ SPAM comments in my comment moderation, I have closed comments to everyone unless you are logged in. So if you really would like to post a comment, please go ahead and register an account so that you can comment. I’m sorry about this, but until I upgrade [...]

This Is F**K’n Ridiculous!

Ok let’s start back a few days ago … I went to check my emails … sweet lard 77 comments, all but two SPAM! DAHMNIT , why do you think I have Comment Moderation turned on you dumb asses! Now again just a few minutes ago … 82 comments , this time ALL SPAM! Go [...]

LMB^Box Comment Quicktags 2.4

After my 2.3 release of LMB^Box Comment Quicktags, a few other things popped up that needed updating. So here is the FINAL version of LMB^Box Comment Quicktags. The final version is 2.4 and you can check out the updates made on the plugin’s page here. Enjoy!

Gmail Give-A-Way!

I just finished looking at my gmail accounts and I noticed that I have tons of invites, 300 in fact! So as a nice gift to who ever wants one, I will be giving away Gmail account invites to anyone who wants one. I know Gmail is open to the U.S. to sign up for [...]