Busy Little Worm!

It’s definetely been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been extremely busy the last few weeks with my new consulting tech position. After this week though, I should have some more extra time on my hands to take care of a few things that are in desperate need! LMB^Box Comment Quicktags and LMB^Box Smileys both need to be updated to function smoothly with WordPress 2 that was released on the 26th of Dec.

LMB^Box Comment Quicktags doesn’t really have much to change, just need to make sure that there are not any new plugin hooks that would be better to have the plugin hook into or if there are any changes that will affect the plugin. Also since WP2 comes complete with WYSIWYG Editor, I may write a new plugin that will add an WYSIWYG Editor to the comment form!

LMB^Box Smileys on the other hand, needs alot of work and thought put into it! First of all, the new WYSIWYG Editor of WP2 will remove the Quicktags Toolbar on the Admin Write Page so that the current Smileys version will not even put a button on the Admin side of things unless you’re not using the WYSIWYG Editor! So I need to make a check for what the user uses and input code as needed depended on the user’s choice. Also with the WYSIWYG Editor, it now would be possiable to see the Smiley in the post as you write it instead of just a Smileys Tag! But this means that the Smileys image html code will be put directly into the post and not just a Smiley Tag! I’ll need to find out which way users like better and see which one works better!

Now of course I need to keep working on my LMB^Box FilePress system, plus I’m looking to rename the script since I’ll be releasing it as a standalone system! And to top it all off, I have many need ideas for plugins and community addons that I believe would help the end users. Be on the look out for a system that will allow you to download the WordPress Codex as an pdf file, either in certain parts that you need or as a whole! A language translator will be on the way shortly also, allowing you to have your posts / site ruffly translated into other languages for your readers! Do you have alot of comments on a page or post (check out my plugin pages and you’ll see what I mean)? If so you’ll love this next plugin that I’ll be working on … Comment Pages! It will pagenate the comments so that you don’t have long load times for huge amounts of comments.

Now it’s time for me to be off … I hope you like some if not all of these ideas. Please feel free to leave me any comments here about what I’m working on. :bye_tb:

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  1. Posted January 9, 2006 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    Hello .. I like your Smilies-Plugin very much.
    Without smilies a blog is no fun too me. ;)

    I found, that I can use the plugin with WP2.0 and Opera 8.51.
    Then I switch to Firefox where I get my favourite
    WYSIWYG and type the rest etc.

    But of course I would like to use your plugin with WYSIWYG and Firefox! 8)
    Can’t await that… good luck! *g*

  2. nicki
    Posted January 9, 2006 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    I love all your ideas, now if only I knew what you were talking about…. :blink_tb: