FilePress Finialy! 1.0 Beta Released!

Ok … FINIALLY I’m proud to announce that the next release of LMB^Box FilePress is here! After a terrible incident, I was able to recover / rewrite what was lost and continue on developing FilePress to what it is now. The layout / control page is completely redesigned from the previous release and I’ll be making more design changes for the next release! Most of the big / basic features are finished but a few are still not finished (eg. Move / Copy Folders and Files). The documentation is still sparce but that’s because I’ve been putting all my free time into finishing up this release. I’ve also started to implement localization for FilePress! Currently there is only English, but I will be adding rough translations for some other languages. The next release most likely wont be for quite awhile because of my lack of free time, but I’m planning on keeping up development for FilePress. This is from the readme.txt file in the Change Log section for 1.0 Beta:

More Info With Next Release! But For Now …

== ToDo List ==
Upload Progress Bar < = Need To Find Better Way, Finish Everything Else First!

Folder Functions:

-> Move Folder

-> Copy Folder

File Functions:

-> Create File

-> Edit File

-> Move File

-> Copy File

FTP Versions Of Folder/File Functions

Create To Be Standalone File Manager < = In Alpha Stage!

Create Flash Interface

Try Adding Support For Running Downloads From Other Web Access Sites

== Completed ==
Thumb Folder

Focus After Add

Close After Add

Width/Height Thumbnailer

True File Size Limits

Folder Functions:

-> Create Folder -> Create Thumbnail Folder < = May Need Some More Work! <= Update: All DONE!

-> Rename Folder

-> Delete Folder

File Functions:

-> Get/Upload File -> Creates Thumbnail File

-> Rename File -> Rename Thumbnail File

-> Resize File < = Do I Want To Update Thumbnail Also?! <= Calls create_thumbnail_file() And Creates New Thumbnail File: All DONE!

-> Rotate Image CW & CCW -> Creates New Thumbnail File

-> Delete File -> Delete Thumbnail File

To find out more info, go the the LMB^Box FilePress Plugin page!

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