Going To Be Busy For Awhile …

As my last post lets in, I’m working for Pomeroy IT Solutions and starting on the 19th of Dec lasting about 2-3 weeks I’ll be extremely busy and out of touch. So to prepare for this up coming event, I’m trying to deliver a very pleasent x-mas present. As you probably know, I’ve been working on updating my LMB^Box FilePress plugin. I won’t be able to finish everything that I would like to :annoyed_tb:, but most features will be there and fully functional! :cheese1_ee: This is great news for everyone that has been waiting for the next release. Now this next release will still be a beta version but hopefully it will hold out until I’m able to complete the last features that needed to be added. Also this next release will be a major code rewrite, so this will also be the testing grounds of the new code base.

I’m also debating on changing the name of the plugin as the plugin has now become WordPress in-dependent … what does this mean :blink_tb: … the new code base (which I’ll reference to as “the Script”), is designed and written to run as a stand-alone script that you host on your server and use for file management of your base folder. The Script has an easy to plug-in code that can be used in different PHP scripts out there. Once a stable and feature full version is released, I’ll begin creating plugins for other PHP script systems (eg. Joomla, pMachine, PHP-Nuke, etc.).

Currently, as far as I know, LMB^Box FilePress is WordPress 2.0 compatible using the Failsafe Button feature to add the needed button link. Before releasing this beta version, I’ll test LMB^Box FilePress for WP 2.0 compatiblity again. Right now what I’ll need from everyone who wishes to see this happen is your support. :help_tb: Once the next beta version is released, I’ll need to get as much feedback as I can … on the current features, what you would like to see added in, on bugs / issues / problems, etc. Of course support in ythe form of donations are alwas welcomed and appreciated, they would go to the cost of hosting and my time in order to work on the Script. Finially as I stated above, I would like to change the name of the Script to something more suiting. The Script doesn’t just Publish File Links anymore (File-Press), it allows file management too! If you have any suggestions as to what you think the new name should be, please comment about them here! Also if there are any questions, comments, or other suggestions, feel free to comment here also! One step closer … don’t you say …. :clap_tb:

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