What’s Been Going On …

For that last few weeks, I’ve been working on my plugin LMB^Box FilePress but more on that later. More recently I’ve started working some part-time contract jobs for Pomeroy IT Solutions. I’ve done two jobs for them, one on Wed. Nov. 30th and Thur. Dec. 1st of this past week. It’s a pretty good deal for the time being. Currently I’m looking for a full-time job that will be in New York, NY and hopefully after the new year I’ll find a decent one. The contract work is a good thing since it’ll bring in more than I have been, and hopefully it will allow me to be able to take my CCNA again. :cheese1_ee:

Yesturday and today I’ve been setting up my 2 pcs, reinstalling and reconfiguring both so that I can use my Custom Built system again. As I was looking for updates and checking everything out, I decided to take a first look at WordPress 1.6/2.0 so I downloaded it and quick set it up on my local server. I’m liking it very much! Very nice new features and redesign! And taking about new designs, I also got Firefox 1.5 and installed it. WOW! Very nice! All this is just frying my brain! :jittery_tb:

Lastly comes some info on my plugin LMB^Box FilePress. For the past week, I really haven’t gotten much done since I started the contracting with Pomeroy IT Solutions. Before that I was stuck working on an upload progress bar/monitor for the plugin and I’m also done. I’ve been re-thinking about that though … I’ve found a flash uploader / progress monitor that would look great. But I wanted to have the user have a choice of either full XHTML or Flash interface, plus I still haven’t done the Flash interface that I would like to do … it’s was to be done in the next release after this one. So there are a few more things to take care of, but I’m hoping to finish and release this version before Xmas / New Year.

That’s about it for right now, so until later … :bye_tb:

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