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It has been over a month since I posted anything at all and I’m sorry about this. I have been working long and hard on the next release of my plugin LMB^Box FilePress. On top of this, I have been busy with other situations that were surrounding me … so here’s the update:

First of all (just to get it off my dumb ass chest) I royally fucked up BIG time! I’m currently working on someone’s computer for them (fixing it and reinstalling Windows) and it needed a new hard drive. So since I was planning to reinstall my Server, I was going to replace my Server’s current 15GB hard drive with a 20GB one and use the 15GB in this guy’s computer. Last night I cleaned off the 20GB hard drive of any data that I wanted to keep to get it readly for the install this morning. But at the time I didn’t have time to do the same with 15GB hard drive in the Server and told myself that I’d do it this morning BEFORE I started the install. Can you guess what happened? Yep, I forgot about that last, little, non-important step of getting all the data off of the 15GB hard drive before I started the install! And by the time I realized what happened, I had installed the OS on my Server’s new 20GB hard drive and installed the OS on this guy’s new 15GB hard drive!

Right away, I grabbed for the 15GB hard drive to put back in my Server as a slave so that I could run R-Studio NTFS (a program to recover deleted data). I booted up, ran R-Studio NTFS, and found out that *poof* it was useless. Everything was lost! So I just broke down for 4-6 hours today! Since you don’t know what I had on that 15GB hard drive which was the master system drive in my Server before the install, you wouldn’t know why I acted like I did. Now please take the time and re-read the secound sentance of this post and then continue …

YES, that’s what was on the hard drive! My working copy/version of my LMB^Box FilePress plugin! My Server has 2 hard drives, the main system drive and a storage drive (160GB). I installed a WAMP setup on my Server with the web root on my main system drive and I use Dreamweaver on my computer to access the system drive/web root which held all my working web site info / files / plugins. When I realized this, I just flipped! I have put sooo much time and effort into this plugin over the last 2-4 weeks (and made great improvements), that it was just like getting shot.

After all this kicks in, I check to see if I have any backups and the latest on is about 1-2 months old. So I’ve just about lost all my current work! Great! Just F**KING GREAT! At about this time I was down and out for the 4-6 hours today, just doing nothing at all. Finally about 4:00pm or so, I came down and turned on my Server (many things still need to be installed) and computer. During my break down, I thought about if Dreamweaver could have keeped any cache of the files that I lasted opened, but nope. I also thought that Firefox and IE would have the layout and generated HTML pages saved, and to my great surprise they had MORE!

The current working version (next release) of LMB^Box FilePress has changed greatly since the previous version. Now there are only 2 php files, a styles.css file, and a scripts.js file (plus images and some other things that I did have stored somewhere else). So I found out that the styles.css and scripts.js files where cached in both broswers (either would be great) plus I have the main HTML code that is generated by the php files cached as well! What this means … I haven’t lost everything, just the php files. Now those files where the main part of the plugin but with the backup, I should be able to rewrite the code … with some time.

I have been meaning to post some screenshots of what the layout of the plugin will look like and now is the perfect time. Now this screenshots are from cached loads of the plugin and some styles have not been completed yet. Please by all means, comment any questions / concerns / suggestions.

FilePress Screenshot FilePress Screenshot

FilePress Screenshot FilePress Screenshot

FilePress Screenshot FilePress Screenshot

FilePress Screenshot

Now on another note, I know that my LMB^Box Comment Quicktags and LMB^Box Smileys plugins are not validating XHTML 1.0 Tradional. So I’m hoping soon I’ll have the time to fix these problems and release new versions. Also, I’m hoping to keep up with and post regularly and more often. On top of all this, this blog needs to be redone and new plugins (SPAM Filtering) installed PLUS this is with my main site www.lmbbox.com. I’ll be very busy but hopefully I’ll make an impact here soon.

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  1. Posted October 14, 2005 at 10:23 am | Permalink

    Hey Thomas, I’m sorry that happened to you, I know how messed up it is when stuff like that happens. I love you. Nicki