More Ideas for LMB^Box Smileys!

Damn these ideas just keep on rolling in! :lol_tb:
I’m working on some new features that will be added to the automatic loading feature. I’ve cleaned up the Smileys Images filenames and Smileys Tags to be more cleaner (so you may have some problems with old Smileys Tags not showing the Smiley Image on old posts, you’d have to go and change them). Also a big thing, I’m trying to have Short Smileys Tags now! I mean tags like ‘:)’ and ‘:D’ to display smileys! You’d have to asign one Smileys List to be the default List, and that one will be able to use its Short Smileys Tags! I’m working on it right now and I’m hoping to have it done before the end of the week! But still, DAMN, I need to work on my LMB^Box FilePress plugin. Here we go …. :guns_tb:

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