Plugin Updates!

Ok I’m damn well done for right now on these two plugins! I have just finished working on both of them and adding some new features.

First off is the LMB^Box Comment Quicktags plugin new version 1.6! I’ve added alot of new features to this plugin since the last version 1.5. For more info and to download, go to the plugin’s page here.

Next is the LMB^Box Smileys plugin new version 2.3! I really didn’t do much changing to this version, I added a message if no smileys are displayed on the Smileys Popup Page. I was toying with a couple of new ideas/features, but didn’t think it was that good to go into it. And lastly, I just fixed up the documentation and code alittle bit. For more info and download, go to the plugin’s page here.

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