LMB^Box Smileys 2.2

I have just updated my LMB^Box Smileys plugin to version 2.2! I’ve fixed a couple of problems that I found with some of my new code and also added a couple new features. This is from the readme.txt file in the Change Log section for 2.2:

Added confirm boxes to remove stored settings for the plugin on deactivation
Added disabled smileys from Smileys List for either Admin Write Pages or Comment Form.
Fixed disabled problem with display for admin and comment smileys
Fixed problem with default WordPress smileys not be removed (remove_filter() settings).
Fixed no Smiley Button on quicktags toolbar in Comment Edit – Temp fix until WordPress has edit_comment_form action.
Shortened php call and args to get Smileys output.
Changed Management Page name.
ToDo: Add short Smiley tags like :) or :D to Smiley List for default action.

Because of a new some new code/formating of settings, please read step 2.1 and 2.2.

You may download the new plugin below:

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