WP Smileys Update 1.7 *New Features*

Everyone thank Aidan who made a comment here with some great ideas. Well here they are Aidan, ruffly …

An additional note, starting in version 1.7 of WP Smileys there will be a new feature to configure. It has to do with the display of the Smileys page. Like the directions say above, at the bottom half of this file is where you configure what is displayed for the Smileys page. The only difference from prevous version of WP Smileys is that version 1.7 now features the option to make the Admin Write Pages’ Smileys to be different then the Comment Form Smileys. Go where you configure what is displayed normally and you will see two new notes as to where to edit the calls for your Smileys Page for the Admin Write Page and the Comment Form. Now this version is just a temp version until I have completed an options page for WP Smileys where you can configure all of the settings for this plugin. Also there will hopefully be a Management Page where you can add, edit, manage, and remove smileys lists.

I will be working on the rest of the new features and hopefully I’ll have them done soon, but until then …

You may download the new plugin below:

I hope you like this new feature, and the soon to come options page and management page. Also, Please everyone comment as to what you would like to see and if these features are something that you would like. Thanks!

If you would like to see what it looks like, first go to the comments section and click on the Smileys button and you will see (right now) only the Thunderbird Smileys. Then to see the Admin Write Pages Smileys, click here. I know that this really isn’t that secure if you really want to block the smileys, but it will do for now. You see, for the admin smileys I just add an “?action=admin” to the end of the url and the smileys popup file checks for it to display the admin smileys settins else it just shows the comment form smileys settings. Also, if the commenter knows the smiley tag for the smiley that they want and puts it in the comment, it will still be proccessed. I could try to add a more secure way to do the different smileys but that would take alot more coding. Let me know what you think, if I should try to add a more secure way … Thanks again.

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