Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

You will be missed.

Exchange 2003 ICS v1.0

Check it out, finally a new post! Well, I decided to release this little script that takes an Exchange 2003 Calendar and converts it to an ICS file that is widely supported by Calendar Applications. This script is based off Peter Krantz‘s rexport.rb script which uses RExchange library and an additional modification that Jason ‘vanRijn’ Kasper‘s made. For development and support information along with downloading the script, please refer to it’s Project Page in the LMB^Box Labs.

WordPress Plugin API

I’ve completed the initial version of my WordPress Plugin API class. Check it out here.

Just Upgraded

Well i just updated to WordPress 2.5. Looks like all my plugins still work as they were before. I’m loving 2.5. Looking good!

Go Live!

Well, I’ve finally done it, is finally live. I’ve decided to just use WordPress as the core of the site vs Joomla or any other CMS system. As you can see, I’ve copied all Project work content to this site. will be the main site from now on for Project work and will be converted to a solely personal blog. All links to will be redirected to I’ve removed most personal posts so that the site will only have Project work related posts and pages. I’ll be renaming sections as well.

LMB^Box Smileys Config Creator

Come and get it! Thanks to Coax I have whipped together a script that will create a Smileys List config file automatically from a SQL DB Backup of your options table (or whole WP DB). Enjoy!

Get it here …

You will need to upload this to your site or if you have PHP installed, you could run it locally. Make sure to edit the scripts configs at the top. You need to tell it what your table prefix is, which Smileys List to work with, and where the SQL file is. The created config file is saved in the same folder the script is in and if it can’t write the file, it will display it for you to copy and paste into a new file.

Finally Joined The Bandwagon!

Today after getting MORE spam :flush_tb: that got through Bad Behavior 2.0.2, I decided to get my API Key for Akismet and activate the plugin. I created a account and blog a long time ago, but never used it. So I’ve just deleted my blog there but my account still remains with my API Key! The first thing Akismet did (well not the first thing) was to show me on my Manage page that I had 2300+ comments MARKED as spam. :blink_tb: WHAT!? I thought I had deleted all the spam comment! I guess not, marking a comment as spam saves the comment in the database but just marks it as spam and doesn’t display it. So Akismet showed me all of them and offered to delete them for me. Why should I argue with that :ponder_tb:, Delete All please :guns_tb: … click … all gone, YAY! :drunk_tb: Do you want to know what that did for my database? Sure you do … my wp_comments table was at ~4.2MB :gulp_ee: BEFORE I deleted all the comments marked as spam … now it’s at a nice 255.2KB! :bigsurprise_ee: HOLY SH*T, talk about taking out the trash! That alone makes me happy that I finally did activate Akismet! :thumbup_tb:

WordPress Upgraded

I’ve just finished upgrading my WordPress install from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4. Everything’s looking good and I’m trying out the WP Tiger Admin Theme. Something that I noticed during this upgrade, when you go to write/edit a Page, you don’t have the option to choose the Page’s Template File like WordPress version 1.5. This maybe a bug with the option left out of the AJAX code.

On another note, I’ve completely moved servers to DreamHost now. I’ve started to learn to use their Control Panel and things are moving more smoothly now. I’ve got many projects / ideas that I need to work on, so I’m going to have to put some updates on hold for the time being. I hope to have some new things poping up soon.

Site Moved!

I’ve done it again! I’ve moved from another web hosting to a new server. I just could not pass this up! One year of hosting for only $10, well actually $9 and some change. I’m now with DreamHost and so far it’s looking good. I’ve had to play around with their control panel, but that hasn’t been too hard. It’s just amazing that I get shell access and unlimited domains hosted! It’s late so I’ll updated on more of the news in the morning …

Call For Tech Support!

A while ago, I had signed up to Beta test Ether and I never got around to publish my service. So I just added a button to my Contact Me Page so that you can call/email me for Tech Support. If you view my Ether listing you will see what exactly I can help with. It is a pay service and the rate is $10 for 30 minutes.